четверг, 13 января 2011 г.


The invention «Pipe-screw rotor» - (patent UA 93025) 
registration of 1/10/2011, a priority of 6/13/2006)

Represents a design in a hollow propeller in which center, from the face-to face party the general aperture of an input is located,
Having the area of diameter big, concerning the area of apertures of the exits located on the ends of blades. At rotation of a rotor air stream is soaked up through an input aperture, passes on radius lines in a body of each blade from the center to edges and is pushed out with greater speed in opposite directions, strengthening overall performance of an external contour of the screw.

. Thus,
In one simple device structurally unite axial slow speed and radial
Quickly fast speed streams for the purpose of reception of new, more effective,technical result – Increase in volume of prorolling of gas or liquid at the expense of simultaneous two-level work of blades:
Internal (as the centrifugal pump) and external (as an axial supercharger). Thus,in comparison With usual propellers:
1) additional power expenses make within 40 %,
2) shares of the expense of air, passing through an axial and radial part of installation will be approximately equal, and, accordingly,
3) productivity
of all power-plant, a screw rotor using a pipe, it will be considerable above.
  Finally, will allow to receive a wind power installation with new way of increase of capacity
 In 2 times at the expense of use of a principle of addition of forces For example, two wind of rotors rotating in the opposite
Directions on one axis, two wind of rotors located in parallel each other in one plane of the combined rotations on distance are long radius with a reducer synchronizing movement of blades, the module from 4 rotors with
association of variants and century.